Aaron’s 25th Birthday!

This was such a special day, and I am so glad we got to spend it together in Okinawa!

R-CAFE |March 13, 2019

First stop was breakfast at this cute little cafe that Aaron had been telling me about since I got here! We had breakfast and shakes with a beautiful view, right next to the window.

MARUZEN |March 13, 2019

The next stop was Maruzen! This is our favourite stationery store in Okinawa so far. They have a great selection of fountain pens (Aaron’s new addiction), along with art supplies, post cards, notebooks, planners, and so much more. Maruzen is located on the bottom level of Junkudo, a multi-level book store in Naha.

We bought many stationery supplies, the most noteworthy of which being Pilot’s 100th anniversary ink collection! Maruzen is also celebrating its 150th anniversary, meaning there were a ton of limited edition items in this store. Needless to say, Aaron got all of the inks in Pilot’s 100th anniversary collection and we’ll probably make a couple more stops at Maruzen before we go home.

We didn’t take any photos inside Maruzen, but we walked around the area for a bit afterwards and snapped a couple of photos. Just before I took the photo of Aaron above, we were on the other side of the street. Some local radio station hosts were behind the glass, recording live and Aaron walked right up and waved. The hosts waved back, and one of them laughed so hard she fell right over!


We ended up going to international street after this, and we spent SO much time there that I’m making a second post after this all about international street!

We spent hours there, looking at all of the stores, walking through the many streets and alleyways, and eventually eating a nice dinner when we were too tired to go on.

DINNER |March 13, 2019

At the end of the night, we stopped at a restaurant that was down a little alleyway and got dinner. We had the entire place to ourselves. It was such a lovely way to end Aaron’s birthday.

I honestly think one man owned and operated the entire place, because he was the only guy there. He welcomed us in, took our order, then went in the kitchen and prepared it. We watched sumo wrestling on the TV, chatted about the day, and enjoyed possibly one of the most mellow evening meals we’ve ever had.

I wish I had the name of the place we ate, but I didn’t think to snap a picture or write it down! Perhaps we will return at some point so I can credit the restaurant in this post.

INK GLAM SHOTS | March 13, 2019

After the lovely dinner, we went back home and Aaron excitedly unpacked his new inks to take some pictures of them with their packaging. In time, we will post reviews of these inks, but enjoy this image in the meanwhile…

I wish I could put all of the strings on the same side…

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