busy bree.

With my dog, Cookie!

This is going to be a collection of moments, memories, and things that I like.

I don’t have anything particular in mind, but I wanted to keep everything in one place here!

I’m figuring out life in my 20’s and learning as much as I can from the experiences I encounter throughout life.

A bit about me:

I’m married with two dogs. My husband, Aaron is in the Air Force. He’s studying physics and I’m studying biochemistry. We share an interest in fountain pens, rock climbing, and learning. The Air Force has brought us to Japan for a few months, so we’re currently learning Japanese together!

Aaron and me!

Things I enjoy:

  1. nature – Hiking with the dogs, camping with friends, falling into creeks… I take any excuse to be outdoors.

  2. food – I eat it, I cook it, and I feed my husband.

  3. travel – I intend on taking every opportunity to appreciate new cultures and experiences.

  4. fitness – I try to stay in shape; diet and exercise never fails. My persistence, however…

  5. arts – music, penmanship, doodles… exploring new ways to create!

Whatever I do, I want to be meeting new people, listening to the stories of their lives, and helping out in some way. I’m not set on changing the world, but I can change someone’s day. I’m here to listen, learn, grow, and laugh along the way.

Excited to capture moments of my life on here!

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