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Dinner and Dessert

Aaron’s leave was up and he was back at work, so our adventures started to slow down. We went out for dinner in Mihama Carnival Park. This is an area not too far from the base that’s American-friendly! I was still acclimating to the culture, so it was nice to be in an area that had some menus in English.

Shisa giving a bro-fist. (subscribe to pewdiepie)

JAI THAI |March 17, 2019

Aaron asked his coworkers for food recommendations and he heard all about Jai Thai. People kept saying it’s the best Thai food on the island. We didn’t believe the hype, but we went and it was probably the best Thai food we’ve ever had.

Aaron managed to get the statue’s head right in the hole…

I wish I had taken a picture of the views inside the restaurant and from our seat right next to the window, because the decoration was so warm and inviting, and the view was rather nice. The entire back wall is a window, and the restaurant is on the second level, so it was fun to people watch while eating.

We got satay as an appetizer, Aaron got the Massaman curry, and I got the yellow curry. It was absolutely delicious.

There’s not much more to say than that. The curry was robust with flavour, the meat was so tender, and the service was spectacular.

PARTY LAND |March 17, 2019

After dinner, we went to PARTY LAND for frozen yogurt. It was pretty good!

There’s not too much special about frozen yogurt, mainly because it’s do-it-yourself dessert. It definitely brought back memories of high school, and we had a convenient excuse to play Pokemon Go.

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