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This was another Air Force experience that was completely new to me… The life of a military spouse. Aaron is a reservist back home, so he’s in the military’s weekend warrior club. (He only works a weekend a month.) I’ve always been working, in school, or working while I’m in school, so I never had the chance to meet any military spouses, or many of Aaron’s coworkers back home.

squadron spouses

When I came here, it was completely different. The day after I arrived, I met all of his coworkers at his promotion ceremony, then I met some spouses at the Warrior Banquet, and I made a few friends! A couple of them started inviting me out with them, and I am so happy that I got to know them.

HERITAGE HOP |March 30, 2019

One of the events I was invited to was the Heritage Hop! This was a way for the different squadrons to show the spouses what they do, so we could learn a bit about the different roles and how they’re all related. I have a ton of neat photos, and I learned quite a bit, but due to the nature of their work, I’m not sure I can share much!

The night before the Heritage Hop, I met up with three of the other ladies, and we prepared food for the Heritage Hop! Essentially, we drank wine, cut up veggies, rolled spring rolls, and chatted the night away. It was a blast and I’m glad I got to make a couple of friends.

First stop of the night and we’re already taking shots…

We bounced from squadron to squadron, learned a bit of their history, a bit about their roles, munched on some snacks, and drank a bit of alcohol.

goat cheese goat cookie <3

Did I mention that we were moved from squadron to squadron in two buses? It was crazy how many women there were.

It was a great night and I wish I could have stayed for all of the squadrons, but Aaron picked me up after I stopped at his squadron because we had prior obligations for the night. We helped clean up, chatted with the other two men whose spouses continued on the Hop, and then we headed out to meet up some of Aaron’s coworkers for the evening!

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