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PCHEM Class Notes – Week 4

Fourth week of Physical Chemistry (CHEM 3321) with Dr. Nielsen at UT Dallas!

MISSED CLASS | September 9, 2019

I had a family obligation on Monday, so I missed class!

I spoke with Prof. Nielsen afterwards and we covered chapter 20, subsections 1-4 from the book.

CHAPTER 20 | September 11, 2019

We covered:

  1. Clausius Inequality

  2. cycles

  3. efficiency

CHAPTER 20 | September 13, 2019

We covered:

  1. Second Law of Thermodynamics

  2. thermal efficiency

To anyone reviewing my notes: Please feel free to reach out if you need any clarification on anything I wrote! I know the cursive can get a bit sloppy at times. I try to include everything, but it’s a bit difficult to keep up with the graphs, charts, etc. at times! I try to write down the figure number for reference from our textbook.

If you want to contact me for more information/ any clarification/ to start a study group/ need talk to someone… please comment below, DM me on Instagram, or send an email by clicking this link, the icon in the top right corner, or manually typing out

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