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Warrior Banquet

This was the first time I went to any large Air Force event. I was in Air Force ROTC a few years in college, and we had warrior banquets every year, but that was nothing compared to this!

WARRIOR BANQUET |March 15, 2019

I am so glad we got to go to this event. I got to meet many of Aaron’s coworkers, his supervisors, and all of the spouses! Not to mention, there was barbecue, beer, nerf guns, a live DJ (DJ Wonder Bread – he’s white and he has an afro, what’s not to love?), wrestling in sumo suits, and those Q-tip style jousting sticks.

We walked into the hangar to see all sorts of craziness around us. We navigated our way to the squadron’s table and it was decorated so nicely!

People were firing nerf guns the entire evening, and the night ended with sumo wrestling and group photos. (You can see DJ Wonderbread in the top row of the group photo.)

Since I took the photos, I wasn’t in any of them, so one of Aaron’s coworkers kindly offered to take our pictures. His commander photobombed us!

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