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Week 1: PCHEM II Class Notes

First week of CHEM 3322 with Dr. Goux at UT Dallas!

CHEM 3322 | January 13, 15, & 17, 2020

We covered Chapter 1 of the textbook, which includes the following topics:

  1. Blackbody radiation could not be explained by classical physics.

  2. Planck used a quantum hypothesis to derive the blackbody radiation law.

  3. Einstein explained the photoelectric effect with a quantum hypothesis.

  4. The hydrogen atomic spectrum consists of several series of lines.

  5. The Rydberg formula accounts for all the lines in the hydrogen atomic spectrum.

  6. Louis de Broigle postulated that matter has wavelike properties.

  7. de Broigle waves are observed experimentally.

  8. The Bohr theory of the hydrogen atom can be used to derive the Rydberg formula.

  9. The Heisenberg uncertainty principle states that the position and the momentum of a particle cannot be specified simultaneously with unlimited precision.

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