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Captain Kangaroo

Yet another food recommendation from Aaron’s coworkers! The drive out to the aquarium is about an hour and a half, and this restaurant is right along the route. It was a perfect stop before we spent the day at the aquarium!


At first, I drove right past this place, even though Aaron told me it was coming up along the route. We turned around, parked in back, and walked in. There were about 8 groups ahead of us in line, and the wait was about 45 minutes, so we walked behind the restaurant right onto the beach, walked to a Family Mart to get drinks, then waited just a little bit longer and we were seated!

The place was packed and we were getting hyped for our lunch. I got the Sparky Burger and Aaron got the Jowl Bacon Burger.

These burgers were thicc. I was so excited to try it, as the menu boasted it being the finalist of the BURGER WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. I have to say, the Sparky Burger was definitely unique. There was so much flavour on it, but what stuck out to me the most was something sweet! I’m glad I got to try it, and I was definitely full after eating. I could barely finish it.


Aaron’s Jowl Bacon Burger was fantastic, as well. I didn’t read its description and I thought it was going to be kind of like a BLT, but it came out with a thick slab of pork on it. It made Canadian bacon look like the anorexic cousin at the pork family reunion. This slice of jowl bacon was so succulent.

she a thiccie

We’ll definitely make a trip up north to Nago again, and we’ll probably stop by here along the way.

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