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This hotel has such a special place in my heart. It was cheap (in price, not quality), it was clean, it was cozy, it was cute, and it had a sense of community…? I can’t put my finger on one thing, but there were so many reasons to adore this it!


First off, check out the lobby of Sakura Terrace the Atelier… IT WAS ADORABLE! There was a little library, a cute map of the area, a cozy seating area, along with a stash of board games, humidifiers, fluffy blankets, tea kettles, french presses, and so much more to bring to your room!

The dining area was also a delight! The warm colours made it feel so cozy and inviting. It was modern, clean, and there were people hanging out nearly every time we passed by.

Next up was our room – a very small, but very comfortable dorm room. It was just the right size for a bed, with storage space underneath for luggage, a sink to wash off at, and some shelves with items provided for you by the hotel. There was also a little TV mounted on the wall and a nice window with great blackout curtains. There were chargers on both sides of the bed, and the bed was SO comfortable. After staying there, we wanted to buy the same mattress because we both slept so well on it, though I’m not sure if that’s because we were a bit tired after our first day of travel…

This hotel was in a centralised location, allowing us to maximise our time in Kyoto. After a long day of exploring, we got to the hotel, washed off in the communal showers/baths on the bottom level, got dressed in the PJs provided by the hotel, and went to bed!

Just a note on the communal showers/baths – they were SO nice! I genuinely enjoyed this part of the experience, though I thought it wouldn’t be that pleasant. There were multiple options for shampoo and conditioner, there was a large vanity area, lockers, and free hair brushes and scrunchies! It was very clean and very relaxing. The bath was private and relaxing, albeit a bit small. It seemed like a lot of the other ladies were also travellers, so we chatted while washing off, excitedly discussing our experiences and where we came from. In contrast, Aaron said the men didn’t have as many options for shampoo and conditioner and the men kept to themselves, though it was equally clean and relaxing.

This hotel really had the feel of a minimalist, high quality college dorm. The hallways were immaculate, the interior design was simple but mindful, and I oddly felt right at home in the tiny little room.


After a solid night of sleep, we packed up our things and we were on our way! Except… we saw the breakfast buffet all laid out and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to eat so much food for such a good price.

Aaron enjoyed the pour-over coffee while I walked in circles, finding the best spot for us to eat our breakfast.

For the half-breakfast, we picked out our sandwich and the rest of the food was all-you-can-eat. We joked that you could put anything on a square plate and it would look like fancy modern dining…

Also, a side note – I was never big on cereal, so when I saw there was cereal I thought it was the perfect time to have Aaron teach me how to pour the perfect bowl of cereal. I always ate cereal dry with my hands, like an actual baby...

you confuse me.

Milk before cereal? Cereal before milk? How much milk? I had no preference and I was a novice to the milk + cereal game, so I wanted the advice of a seasoned cereal-eater.


This was my favourite hotel because of its charm, its price point, and its location. I loved our stay in Kyoto and Sakura Terrace the Atelier greatly contributed to the overall experience. I’m so glad we got to stay here, and I’d recommend it to anyone travelling to Kyoto, budget or not! However, if you’d like to stay at a higher quality hotel by the same management, Sakura Terrace the Gallery offers a more luxurious stay, by the same management, for a higher price in the same area. Not quite the dorm-hotel experience, but just as enjoyable if not more!

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