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The first day of our mainland trip was an evening flight to Osaka, which was delayed. Once we arrived, we rushed to our hotel because our flight landed after check-in time and we didn’t want to keep the staff up too late. Fortunately, I had emailed the hotel staff and let them know about the delay prior to our departure. So upon our arrival, I received their response telling us not to worry and to get there safely. We were so concerned that we would miss the last train to our hotel near Osaka station due to the delays, but it all worked out and we got to sleep in a bed that night!


We arrived at our first hotel, which was an unassuming hotel for a mere $58.09 (¥6301) per night.

UNIVERSAL HOTEL REBORN was very affordable and to be frank, it got the job done. We arrived very late at night, so we didn’t want to waste money on a nice hotel that we wouldn’t get to fully enjoy. We also knew that we would only be spending a night in Osaka, so we wanted to be near a train station.

If it were just one person staying the night, this place would be cozy. If it were two people around my height staying the night, it would be comfortable. However, Aaron is a towering 6 ft tall so he was practically an Ent in Japan, carefully trying to navigate a world designed for smaller humans. So… one short person and one tall person staying the night was contained and a little cramped.

However, it was just for a night and we had just arrived in mainland Japan, so we slept pretty well and I’m glad we went with the cheaper option. Honestly, this place cost just about as much as a motel in a sketchy area of the US, but it was completely safe, the amenities were pretty nice, the bed was comfortable, and the staff was very kind and attentive!

cute little lobby!

If you’re looking to cut costs a little bit while visiting Japan, I feel I could recommend staying a night or two in a business-style hotel like UNIVERSAL HOTEL REBORN.

not just awesome Japan… SUPER AWESOME JAPAN!!!

To the non-existent person reading this post for travel advice, we booked with Agoda, which had the best deals for booking hotels at the time that we were looking. That said, I suggest looking around on different websites for the best price or simply using Google which will search through them all and find the best deal for you. I also feel like I should note that this was not sponsored and this is all my uninformed advice/opinions, as I am not in any way a professional travel advisor.

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