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Cat Forest

I already mentioned the cat forest in my first post about Okinawa, but we visited again and stopped to take some pictures!


There was once a rodent problem here in Okinawa and the cats were introduced to solve that issue. Now the rodents are nearly gone and there are a ton of stray cats everywhere.

This little “cat forest”, as we call it, is just a ton of mangroves near the seawall. It seems like cats stay near this forest because children visit and feed them, the mangroves provide good shelter when it rains, and the cats actually appear to like each other.

Please enjoy some pictures of Okinawa’s friendliest pussies.

Also worth noting – we were in the area for breakfast another time and saw this extremely photogenic cat napping in the shade from a motorcycle.

Edit – had to include that this place has its own listing as a pet friendly accommodation on Google Maps under the name “Kitty Canyon“.

Kitty Canyon Minato, Chatan, Nakagami District, Okinawa 904-0114, Japan

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