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Fitness Update: Weeks 3-4

I guess this part of the website is now my fitness diary.

WEEKS 3-4 | November 11, 2019

This is the circuit I did the past two weeks:

WEEK 3 | November 4, 2019

I feel like I’m really getting back into it now. I’m lifting every other day and hitting the Stairmaster or running with the dogs on my off days, so that’s good! I renewed my membership at the Summit, a local chain of rock climbing gyms, last week and I started rock climbing with some friends over the weekend!

Side note – I stopped climbing for the most part in March, when I went to Okinawa because indoor rock climbing in Japan is very different from American indoor rock climbing. The Okinawan climbing gym Coral Rock was a really nice gym, but just different from what we were accustomed to – the climbing holds were mostly made of actual rocks or they were very worn plastic holds, most of the holds were crimps which I didn’t have the finger strength for, and each hold was marked by symbols drawn on tape, rather than giving the routes designated colours.

A post shared by coralrock (@coralrockokinawa) on Apr 10, 2019 at 11:50pm PDT

There was also an intense overlap of routes, leaving barely any empty wall between the rocks. The overlap was necessary because there is such an economy of space in Japan, but the lack of colour-coordinated routes was just confusing for me. You had to read your route beforehand or you wouldn’t know where to go. Sad to say, I stopped climbing in Japan and I didn’t start back up upon my return home. BUT I’M BACK IN IT, BABY. Ready to climb some rocks and make some new friends along the way.

WEEK 4 | November 11, 2019

I rock climbed four times this week! Made more friends and I realised that the newest Summit location in Plano is only 10 minutes away from school, so I’ll probably be going to that gym unless I’m meeting my climbing buddies at the other gyms! SO excited to be back in this hobby while still lifting.

However, after climbing a couple days in a row, I realised that my forearms were rekt when I tried to do deadlifts and I could barely do just the bar, when I’m normally able to do 115 lbs easily! Had to ask Matt (my trainer) for an alternate exercise, so I subbed in back extensions instead of deadlifts for Week 4!


Weight: 145 lbs

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