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Hedgehog Cafe!

This needed its own post, separate from anything else.

HEDGEHOG CAFE | March 9, 2019

I will never forget how amazing this was. I’ve heard of hedgehog cafes and seen pictures/videos of them, and got so excited when we saw there was one here on island, called Chiku Chiku Hedgehog Home & Cafe in Naha.

It was a little difficult to spot the place, but their website describes how to get there, and Google Maps will get you pretty close. Just look for the little blue sign and go up the stairs!

As you go upstairs, there are a ton of hedgehog portraits lining the walls, and there were plenty of hedgehog trinkets for sale by the register! It’s kind of like Barbie meets Littlest Pet Shop meets that one kid who was obsessed with hedgehogs, somehow made a living off of it, and now legally owns 18 hedgehogs. I loved every part of it.

At first, we were seated in front of this white hedgehog named Poc. He was an angry little boy who didn’t want to play. Probably because from his perspective, we were very rude giants, disturbing him in his sleep to feed him mealworms and play with us… We actually thought it was kind of cute the way he snorted at us and ran into the corner.

Either way, we learned hedgehogs are nocturnal, and we got to play with a different pair of hedgehogs in the center of the room because we didn’t want to force him to stay awake.

One of them was chubbier than the other one and kept getting stuck in a tunnel. It was so cute! Also, kind of relatable…

We stayed for 30 minutes to play with the hedgehogs, take pictures, and hushedly whisper to each other because we were just that excited.

At one point, the chubby hedgehog went under the wheel and the other guy went on top of her! Aaron got it on video – can’t post videos on here, but it’s on my Instagram! It’s the last video in the slideshow. We were speechless; it was just too cute and he was too mischievous!

Besides that, it was an awesome time! We took many more pictures and the staff even helped us pick up the hedgehogs and take a picture of us together! Enjoy this montage of hedgehog cafe pictures:

Such a unique experience, and definitely the cutest cafe I’ve ever been to!

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