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Local Food and Attractions

My second week in Okinawa was pretty packed, so I’ve broken it down into two parts! We did a lot of tourist things, ate some tasty food, and just did whatever we wanted. Here’s a picture of the first time we had tonkatsu!

tasty, tasty tonkatsu…

RYCOM MALL | March 6, 2019

Next, we went to a Rycom mall, a five story mall just minutes away from the base. The first time we went, I was so distracted that I didn’t take pictures of anything other than these neat miniature models and some interesting wooden art!

However, we’ve been back to this mall a few times to visit Montbell, our new favourite outdoor store, along with shop for some clothing for me! I definitely expected it to be a bit warmer, so I needed some basics. Japanese women’s fashion is so beautiful, I love how effortless and modest it is, compared to American fashion.

MALL AQUARIUM | March 8, 2019

Probably our favourite part about this mall is the massive aquarium installation by the Churaumi Aquarium in Nago. It’s meant to encourage visitors/tourists to visit the actual aquarium, and it definitely worked on us…

Every time we go to this mall, we go to the bottom floor, look at the aquarium, see this one fish, and name him something different each time. I’ll catalogue all of the names we’ve given him at some point… He’s massive, he looks so silly, and he genuinely seems confused.

Hi, I’m Gorble. Also known as Herbert, Gerbert, Dorps, Borty, Melvin, Marvin, Dormple… I’m a big beautiful fish.

Totally worth noting – this fish has his own TripAdvisor entry and he hates having his picture taken.

TREE | March 7, 2019

We found this beautiful tree on base and just had to take a picture by it!

SANDBOX BURGERS | March 7, 2019

This cozy little restaurant was just around the corner from the Toyota car rental office we’ve been using. It’s not too hard to spot, though it’s on the second floor and you need to go up a tiny set of steps to get to it. Once we set foot in the place, we felt welcomed. The intimate seating, warm lighting, and a very American-style interior decoration made it feel a lot like home.

Our waitress was so polite, spoke to us in English, and the food was amazing. I can’t remember which burger Aaron got, but I got the umami burger. I really only found this out a few years ago, but umami is one of the five basic tastes (sweet, sour, bitter, salt, umami) also known as savory. It was really good, and I’m so glad we were able to stop at this little restaurant!

I also fell in love with this cute little brick and demanded Aaron to take pictures of it after he pointed it out. It’s so cute! There’s a face on it! With a nose!!!

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