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Miyagi Coast

After a day as eventful as Aaron’s birthday, we wanted a slower day to spend some quality time together. We stayed at home a bit, then went to the Miyagi Coast, just outside Kadena’s Gate 1.

HAMAYA SOBA|March 14, 2019

Coming out to Japan, I had to take a leave of absence from work. Before I came out to Japan, one of my coworkers mentioned that our boss was stationed here on Okinawa for a few years. I asked him for some recommendations, and one of the two places he mentioned was Hamaya Soba.

The yellow sign says COCO K, not what you’re thinking…

The atmosphere was rather nice, too. We went in, ordered from a vending machine, took our shoes off, sat on the tatami mats, and the food was out in less than five minutes.

It was actually the best soba I’ve ever had. The noodles were just the right amount of squishy, the broth had so much flavour, and the pork actually melted in my mouth. I thought that was a figure of speech, but the pork was so soft that it practically dissolved on my tongue.

Sea Glass Cafe| March 14, 2019

This was the first time we went to the cafe I now spend most of my time at. Sea Glass Cafe!

Also known as Mini Food Court/Cafe, Chicken House, and Ball Donut Park…

This cafe is along the sea wall, just around the corner from Hamaya Soba. We weren’t quite ready to go home after we ate the soba, so we went in, got a couple of coffees, and journaled together!

Since we developed our fondness for fountain pens, we both started journaling… not really to get our thoughts out, but mainly to look at pretty ink colours.

We saw an Osprey and it really got Aaron excited. We had to get up and start walking along the seawall.

SEAWALL TIME |March 14, 2019

We ended our day, walking around, looking at tide pools, planes, and people. I took pictures of everything.

We got a bit closer and saw some little critters in the tide pools! We saw several starfish, snails, and some animal we could only describe as phallic… We also saw some little blue fish as the tide started to come in!

We looked up and saw many planes coming in for landing, and I couldn’t help but try to get some good pictures of them!

However, the sun started to set, the tide pools started to fill, and we started walking to the car.

I definitely managed to snag a totally-not-creepy photo of a young woman playing her guitar on the sea wall before we got to the car…

She turned around after I took the photo…

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