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Okinawa… for three months!

Just before he promoted to SSgt!

I’ve been in Okinawa for over a month with Aaron already and it’s gone by so quickly. We’ve been so many places and done so many things. I’ll start catching up week by week so I can cover a little bit of everything!

AARON PROMOTES |February 28, 2019

The day after I landed, Aaron promoted from SrA to SSgt, and I was able to attend the promotion ceremony. I got to meet his coworkers and his commander. It was so nice to hear him get recognized for all of his accomplishments in the Air Force and see how well he is received by his peers.


The next day, we woke up early, got some breakfast and I got to see the sea wall for the first time! It blew me away. We’re from north Texas, so it was almost surreal to think we’d be this close to the ocean for the next few months.

I’ve definitely spent my fair share of time on the sea wall already. Running, reading, and taking photos of random people surfing, diving, and playing the guitar in a totally-not-creepy way… It’s been cool to soak in the sights and I’m still looking at the ocean with awe.

CAT FOREST |March 1, 2019

When we went to the sea wall together for the first time, Aaron pointed out what he called a “cat forest” right next to the coast. There’s a stray cat problem here in Okinawa. Apparently there was once a rodent problem, and cats were introduced to solve that issue. Now the rodents are gone and cats are all over the island… I’m wondering if the mobile game Neko Atsume kitty collector was inspired by the stray cats in Japan. Regardless, I’ll be updating these posts with random cat photos from time to time since they don’t seem to give a rat’s ass if there’s a camera in their face. Might be because they ate all the rats…

Rat murderer in the “cat forest”.

VOLCANO RAMEN|March 2, 2019

Besides that, we’ve had a ton of good food while in Okinawa. Ramen, Okinawan pork, and so much more. The first ramen I had in Okinawa is pictured below, and the rest is coming up in future posts!

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