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Pokemon Go

POKEMON GO IN JAPAN |April 7, 2019

Since we’ve been here, Aaron and I have spent moments of our downtime playing Pokemon Go. (We’re children, I know.) In the evenings, we often go to coffee shops to write together, study Japanese, read, and chat. We also play Pokemon Go to pass the time.

Move over, capybara. The world’s new largest rodent is here!

We can only play when we have WiFi, since we didn’t get a phone plan while we’re out here. We don’t play too much, but we got so excited to see a massive Pikachu in the middle of the mall.

not pictured: several cups of coffee

It’s just a little hobby of ours, and it feels a bit silly at times… but it’s been a nice passive activity to do while we are out and about! Also, I can’t help but try to catch ’em all, after watching Pokemon on TV for a large portion of my childhood.

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