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The seawall quickly became a hangout for us, because it’s conveniently right out of Kadena’s Gate 1. After playing a brutal soccer game, we went to the seawall for some food and decompression time.

ROLLUP |March 24, 2019

Rollup is a little burrito restaurant right off of the seawall! You place your order on a card, kind of like at Which Which, then you hand it to the cashier and it’s made how you like it!

Coming from Texas, there wasn’t anything about these burritos that made us think it was better than the Tex-Mex from home, but it was easy, convenient, and it was really nice after the soccer game.

We’ve been here a couple of times, and Aaron complained of too much sour cream both times. Perhaps we will remember to ask for light sour cream if we go back in the future…

SEAWALL |March 24, 2019

We spent some time on the seawall, checking out the tide pools again because they were so low!

pictured: slav not squatting

At this point, we were getting a bit annoyed with the weather. We wanted to snorkel, but it seemed the water was always choppy. We couldn’t swim with the fishes quite yet, so we just looked at tide pools longingly.

sea urchin!

I started to see what Aaron meant when he said there was a stray cat problem on the island… We saw what I called a water cat because he was checking out the tide pools with us.

“wet pussy” “oh?” “no, look over there”

Then we saw a land cat as we left the seawall and headed to our favourite cafe! It seems like he’s always hanging out around the seawall. We’ve seen the same guy with the same collar a few times.

BALL DONUT PARK | March 24, 2019

Finally, some balls in my mouth… Milky balls. Choco balls. Donut balls.

from left to right: milky ball, choco ball

We couldn’t help but snicker at the name “milky ball”… These donut balls were marvelous! It takes just a few minutes, but they’re always made fresh, to order. We’ve had them a few times now, and I’ll tell ya what, I’ll put these balls in my mouth any day.

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