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So Much Seawall


By the end of the month, I had very loosely established my daily routine. Wake up, run just over 5 kilometers to Sea Glass Cafe (a.k.a. Ball Donut Park, Mini Food Court and Cafe, and Chicken House) my favourite cafe on the seawall , take pictures along the seawall, read, study Japanese, and study for a class. Aaron and I have lunch together, and once he’s off work, we go work out, I cook dinner, and we journal together.

It’s been working out great, and we’re starting to settle into a nice daily routine. So many people ask me what I do while Aaron’s at work. Really, I’m just doing what I would be doing if I were a full time student right now. Work out and study.

I guess in a way, I’m preparing to go back to school in the fall. Spring of 2017 was my last semester in school. I was in my junior year, on a full scholarship with the Air Force ROTC, but then I was medically disqualified. The scholarship, along with any hopes of becoming an Air Force officer, went away. I worked for a couple of years, and I’m ready to finish that college degree.

Moving on with life after what feels like two years of setback after setback is daunting, but exciting. Aaron and I had our own struggles, but this time together in Japan has been therapeutic for us. We’re ready to tackle our problems, our schooling, and our future together.

Looking forward to all of the experiences life has in store for us.

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