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Football… Soccer… I’m may be American, but referring to it as “football” just feels right.

SOCCER |March 23, 2019

Aaron was asked to play in a recreational soccer tournament over the weekend. It was pretty informal, supposed to be just one or two games, depending on how well the first game went. I went full-on soccer mom. I brought the Gatorade, the orange slices, and the snack pack mix of Oreos, Nutter Butters, and Chips Ahoy.

So, the plan is to have fun…

The game went fairly well. The two teams were pretty well matched. There was a “peanut gallery” of two teams sitting next to me, watching the game. They had just finished a game and were waiting for their next one after ours.

Everyone got injured in some way.

One of the players from the “peanut gallery” got up to check out the game on the field adjacent to ours, came back and said that “the blue team actually knew how to play” so our game was going to be more exciting.

It’s fun to stay at the Y-…

Aaron got in several good saves as keeper, but our team sustained an injury with only one substitution, so we were playing with no subs.

all-star keeper

Eventually, our team lost, earning us the next game in the losers’ bracket. That meant we played again immediately after the game. However, due to injuries and prior commitments, the team went from seven down to three…

I ended up playing in the second game, along with two other stand-ins who were just hanging around the soccer pitches, looking for opportunities to practice (they weren’t allowed to score), and we actually won the game… I even scored a goal! My first goal in nearly a decade, since I last played soccer in middle school.

waiting for the rest of the team to show up…

We moved on in the losers’ bracket and had a game the next day. We were brutally destroyed at that game. It was just our four-man team (including me) and the other team was semi-pro with a couple of substitutions. I took a ball to the face and my lip puffed up SO big, but we went out and spent the rest of the morning on the sea wall after that!

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