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World’s Largest Tug of War Rope

CLICKBAIT TITLE. FAKE AND SENSATIONALIST. This was FORMERLY the world’s largest tug of war knot/rope, though it is frequently (incorrectly) referred to as the world’s largest. It was dethroned in 2005 by a rope in Uiryeonggun, South Korea


That being said, this knot was something to marvel at. Nearly 5 ft in diameter, it was practically the same height as me! It was also a great opportunity to try out some rope-themed puns.

A modern love story: tie the knot, get roped into dinner parties and baby showers, get your tubes tied because children scare you, realize things are unraveling, become a-frayed of the future, realize you’re at the end of your rope and cut them off….

The massive knot was originally crowned the world’s largest rope in 1997, weighing in at about 40 metric tons. I had to look it up, but apparently elephants, rhinos, and hippos all weigh about one metric ton. That means this rope was as heavy as AN ASSORTED MIX OF FORTY ELEPHANTS, RHINOS, and HIPPOS.

Real quick – close your eyes and imagine 40 elephants. Now imagine 20 elephants holding each other nose-to-tail, and another 20 elephants holding each other nose-to-tail, with the middle two firmly grasping each other’s trunks while all 40 elephants pull backwards. God willing, those two middle elephants better have trunks of steel or a great physical therapist because that’s going to injure both of them very quickly. Open your eyes. That never happened. Allegedly. It could happen someday, though. A girl can dream.

The elephant battle was cool, and so was the knot. Behind the knot was a set of stairs that led up to a hill overlooking the city. We watched the sunset while some old guy fed a cat next to us. Truly romantic.

10/10, would knot again.

it’s all downhill from here…

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